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Just learning uke? Or ready for more? We are here to make it fun and easy.

You can’t believe how fun it is to actually play real songs you know and love!

Meet new friends from around the globe — be part of the uke-o-lution!

Make real progress adding new uke skills that make you sound awesome!

Is Your Ukulele Collecting Dust?

Learning music is hard work. Here are just a few of things you're up against:

  • finding the time to play
  • not feeling motivated to get the uke out and practice
  • maybe you don't even know what to practice
  • hitting the dreaded PLATEAU -- your just not making any improvements
  • feeling like songs you love are "too hard"
  • your songs all sound kind of the same

I’ve been there, too!

When I got my first uke, I was thrilled that I could coax any sound out of it all.

But quickly I found I wanted more!


  • More variety in my playing
  • More understanding about how to make songs sound "like the songs" 
  • More strums, more chords, more knowledge!

And when I didn't really find those, the wind kind of went out of my sails and I needed

  • more time management
  • more systems to keep myself learning
  • more uke friends to keep me motivate

And I did it!

Over many, many years studying alone, with books, and with wonderful teachers, I found all of those things.

Today, my uke is the source of great joy in my life and a lifeline to a big and generous social world full of fun.

I truly believe, anyone who wants a better life should play the uke -- or put another way, anyone who plays the uke, has a better life!