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The All-You-Can-Eat Ukulele Buffet

My endless smorgasboard of ukulele how-to courses.

Get instant access to my hand-picked collection of online ukulele courses, from absolute beginner to sneaky-pants advanced ukulele tricks!

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Your old pal Danno says:

Learning to play ukulele should be FUN.

(Why do you think they call it playing???)

I’ve done my best to make these lessons fun, interesting, and, above all, valuable.

You’ve got a million-and-one resources nowadays for learning uke, so I’ve got to do something pretty special here.

Things like…what?

Thing 1: As much like a real-world lesson as possible.

My classes are social, silly, and full of music. Online courses tend to be very




I try to make the lessons a conversation between the two of us. 

HOW? Well, that’s…

Thing 2: Constant communication.

You can email me with questions any time. Heck, if you’ve got a real problem, we’ll get on a video call and work it out. Just because you’re taking a video course, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. 

Which brings me to…

Thing 3: Amazing community.

We have a big, world-wide online group of ukulele lovers. Pretty much 24/7 you can rustle up a conversation, ask (and answer) questions, and generally glory in all thing uke with bunch of uke geeks who understand you.

Thing 4: Really, really cheap.

You can start right now for a fraction of the cost of live ukulele lesson!

So, what courses are in this so-called 
Ukulele Buffet?

Here's what you get:

(And we're adding all the time!)

Brand New Beginner

The absolute basics, so you can start playing the songs you love NOW!

Stand-alone price: $33.33​
Included with the Buffet!

Software skillz

Video tutorial on this amazing software to help organize songs and tabs and create easy-to-follow song sheets.

Stand-alone price: $9.95​
Included with the Buffet!

Untrickify the Tricky Chords

Finally, get the hated E chord into a half-nelson and wrestle into submission!

Stand-alone price: $27.00​
Included with the Buffet!

Vintage Music

Wonderful sheet music from the Golden Age of Ukulele. Beautiful covers, great lyrics, full arrangements, and uke-specific chord diagrams. Full video lessons.

Stand-alone price: $19.95/month
Included with the Buffet!

Real-Time Workshops

You're never alone! Monthly (or more!) video conference calls to keep you up-to-date.

Stand-alone price: $27/month​
Included with the Buffet!

Beyond Strumming

Add variety, interest, and fun to your repertoire with fancy fingerstyle uke.

Stand-alone price: $24.99​
Included with the Buffet!


You're never alone! Monthly (or more!) video conference calls to keep you up-to-date.

Stand-alone price: $97​
Included with the Buffet!


The basics of the blues - make your happy little uke moan and sing.

Stand-alone price: $24.99​
Included with the Buffet!

Danno sez: Remember—you’re on YOUR timeline. You can dip in and dip out on any topic that interests you, at any time.

And PS: I’m always working on new courses to add in, and you can help decide what’s next.

In a nutshell

The Ukulele Buffet is a membership for ukulele lovers and learners. Join today and have access to all the resources as long you stay a member. Of course, you can cancel any time, easy-peasy.


The Ukulele Buffet is a membership for ukulele lovers and learners.

Join today and have access to all the resources as long you stay a member. Of course, you can cancel any time, easy-peasy.

You can purchase any of my uke courses individually -- take a look above to see how much that'll cost you!

When you subscribe to the Ukulele Buffet, you get access to all these course (and more as they're developed) for $19.95 a month, a fraction of the cost of a single live lesson with a professional teacher.

See how you like it.

Cancel any time, or carry on, as you wish.​

Important Bonuses

1: Secret Support Group to Ensure Your Success (SSGTEYS)

Just like my much more expensive Daily Workout, when you join the Ukulele Buffet, you get access to our private online group, where you can get advice, help, and encouragement from other uke players, day and night.

This is a huge benefit—it means you’re never struggling alone to figure out “that tricky bit.” Someone else has already been through it already, and is there to help you, basically 24/7.

2: Real, Live, Human Help

You’ll also be invited to our monthly live coaching calls, where I personally help you fine-tune your skills, and work through any uke problems you may be having.

An online course may seem like you lose the one-on-one of expensive private lessons, but these two bonuses give you the best of both worlds.

The Ukulele Buffet is a membership for ukulele lovers and learners. Join today and have access to all the resources as long you stay a member. Of course, you can cancel any time, easy-peasy.

Start Now at the Best Price Ever

My goal is always simple:


More ukulele players playing more ukulele!

I want to make it easy and fun for you to keep yourself exposed to ukulele learning, so you can have that wonderful feeling of watching yourself improve on the instrument you love.

See how you like it.

I’m there to help you every step of the way.


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“You are one wise uke man.”


You give wonderful insight and are my ukulele guru. One bit of advice which has helped me immensely is instructing me to play with confidence. I so needed to hear that. It helps me take more chances.

Oh hells yeah!

Barry F.

I'd recommend it to someone who doesn't even consider themself a uke player. I'd recommend it to someone who is stressed, too serious, 'in their head', not having any fun, or about to become a parent.

I've done your 6-month course and play almost daily to relieve stress, relax, and smile.

Hard to Teach Yourself


“I had been teaching myself to play over the summer, so if the class had been just about chords, it would have been repetitive for me. However, the different strums and techniques are harder to teach yourself. I'm glad there was a lot about various techniques in the class.

No Waffle!


I'm loving the format. The short intro and tutorial clips really suit my short attention span. No waffle or tangents, you get to the point quickly, give good, clear demos, and then I get on with practice. This makes it easier to come back each day.

Keeping motivation high

Ange Z.

Danno's short lesson/practice 5 mins a day' concept is perfect to keep motivation high. And the quick mini course serves well as a jump start for those new to ukulele or for those who have been away from it for a while.

Sheet Music Lesson of the Month


I appreciate that it is a collection - with theme and range - distinct from grab bag of diverse sheet music that may or may not be suitable for the ukulele. The cover art is lovely, too. The resource material you assemble for each download is helpful , too.

Loving the Lessons


I'm really loving the short lessons. It takes me a few minutes to 'get' the lesson, and I rewind and play the video over until I get it right. Lots of fun.

Wish I'd Had This Years Ago


I wish I had this kind of stuff years ago. Thanks, Danno.

Missing Link


Hi, Danno, thanks so much for the strumming videos. They are the missing link!

Very clear and easy to follow

Sharon B.

Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much) for offering this wonderful video instruction series. Aloha, Sharon

Pieces Coming Together


I've taken classes before, but I finally feel like the pieces are coming together. Thanks so much.

Loving the Videos


Loving the videos! I've been trying to learn to play, and strumming was the most difficult part for me. I can't wait to see the next one.

Strumming Had Me Freaked Out


Strumming has me freaked, but I know I can learn now. This man can teach!

"The Gift"


Unless you have 'the gift,' I don't see how anyone can pick this up by reading it out of a music book. It needs to be seen and heard like this.

I feel hopeful!!!

Celia S.

For a short course it was impressive: no hype or sales pressure, no lengthy introductions to skip through just useful down to earth helpful advice based on experience.

“Can't believe that the first week is almost over.”


Enjoying the short inputs with a different subject each day - this type of learning avoids boredom. I find myself looking forward to the next installment with eager anticipation. Motivation with distance learning is always a difficult hurdle but so far so good.

Fabulous course. The best I have experienced.

Graeme M.

The instruction is so well structured and presented. Thank you this course has given me a fantastic boost to my confidence. I would recommend the course to any ukulele beginner or intermediate player. Thank you Danno.

Technical Suggestions


Good lesson, Danno. I always appreciate your sharing specific technical suggestions.

I have gone from struggling...

Jawn G.

I have gone from struggling to feeling at last I am making progress.

Danno is so generous and inspiring that I have comeback for the second time :-) :-) ... a great big thank you for the course. It was most enjoyable and I feel I have made real progress. You are a great teacher with a very easy going style and impart knowledge almost effortlessly.



Love your teaching manner, relaxes the learner and gives them (me) confidence.

“Thank uke, thank uke”


I am loving the mini course. Even though I am not on Facebook, please include me on anything else you may share with the group. I am learning so much. You are a great teacher!!!!!!

A Treat Every Day


Genuinely impressed with the style of teaching that is fun and pressurised but does the job nonetheless. Doesn't feel like a chore -- it's a treat every day waiting for me!

It's Like Christmas


It's like Christmas - waiting to see what the next song sheet might be - some songs I am already familiar with , some are new to me and wish to learn, and others I find interesting to know about.


Try the Ukulele All-You-Can-Eat Buffet for 7 days for just $1.

If you decide it's not for you, just let me know within your first week. I'll cancel your subscription, you'll never be billed again, and you'll even get your dollar back, you clever penny pincher, you.​