A uke lesson from an 8-year-old

My son is eight and until last night, has done everything in the most straightforward fashion. The quickest path between any two points was the path for him. Which often would mean crashing through furniture, banging off walls. Even school work was direct and to the point. No extra time spent beyond the very basics called for. But something changed last night. He finished brushing his teeth, and before he put the toothbrush back in the little …

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VIDEO–Two Cool Cats: Buster Keaton and Ukulele Ike

Buster Keaton plays ukulele as Ukulele Ike plays Buster Keaton. Too beautifully weird to pass up!

Improving on ukulele: you’re thinking about it all wrong!

Do THIS to get better on ukulele. Most people go about it all wrong–but here’s what you should focus to get better on your uke!

You are NOT an awesome ukulele player

This comes down to having your basic skills mastered so you have the freedom and the confidence to fool around a little bit.

Learning Tab on Your Uke — here’s a fun place to start

A quick tutorial on reading uke tablature, and especially, playing melody and chords at the same time! Free instructional video and tab download.

Buy a Ukulele Tuner — It’s easy to play in tune!

It’s simple: to play in tune you MUST buy a ukulele tuner! Ukuleles are notorious for being hard to tune and hard to keep in tune. But in this wonderful age we live in, there are cheap, decent, accurate electronic ukulele tuners that make it dead simple to keep your uke in tune. My very strong recommendation is to buy a ukulele tuner that CLIPS onto the uke itself. This style of tuner picks up the vibration of …

Buy a Ukulele Tuner — It’s easy to play in tune! Read More »

beginner ukulele book

Why I still buy beginner ukulele books

Me? A seasoned old grizzled veteran of the trenches with know-how, chops, deep understanding, and even an extra finger on my chording hand? Why would I be buying beginner ukulele books?

Uke Songs NEED Sunshine and Moonlight…

The very best ukulele songs have one common attribute…

I hate my son

I hate my son

It’s not that hard to find 5 or 10 minutes, but the ROUTINE was invaluable. KNOWING that at a certain time each day you’ll pick up your uke and play just makes things easy.

Official Ukulele Changes

Official Ukulele Changes

All the updates from the latest Great Ukulele Council, where the future of the ukulele is decided.

Adorable Olive Thomas, the flapper and her ukulele

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