3 Ways to Get in Tune!

The four videos below will teach you all these different ways to tune your uke. We’ll start with the simplest (tuning your ukulele to an existing pitch), move on tuning by ear (without an electronic tuner), then how to tune WITH an electronic tuner, and, finally, my favorite: several ways to tune by sheer trickery.

The names (and numbers) of the ukulele strings:

On any ukulele, the strings, from ceiling to floor are numbered:


For the little ukes, soprano, concert, and tenor (but not baritone), here’s the standard tuning:

4: G
3: C
2: E
1: A

My simple mnemonic to remember the ukulele strings in order is: “Good Children Eat Apples.”

Uke Tuning Video 1: Tuning by Ear (to an existing pitch)

This first video will give you the actual tones of the strings, so you match the strings by ear. This may be all you need to get tuned up and be on your way. (The next videos show you some faster, better techniques for tuning).

Tuning Video 2: How to Tune Your Ukulele with an Electronic Tuner:

Tuning Video 3: How to Tune Your Ukulele WITHOUT a Tuner:

Tuning Video 4: Tricky Tricks to Help You Tune Your Ukulele (Almost) Automatically:

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