Danno Sullivan plays ukuleleGot 30 minutes? I can teach you to play ukulele.

Hi, there, ukulele beginner!

Welcome to the fun world of uke playing, where it’s always sunny, everyone’s nice, and things like poison, ray-guns, and flesh-eating bacteria simply don’t exist.

Yep, when you’re playing the ukulele, all is right with the world.

If you’ve thought about learning to play ukulele, I have more good news:

My new free course for brand new beginners starts X-day, and you’re invited.

2 thoughts on “3x3x3 got 30 minutes”

  1. Hey Danno! Not sure if you remember me as clearly as I remember you, but Christopher sent me here because I have a ukulele to learn to play! I’ll be off this summer, so this will be a great time to get going. I’ll be seeing Jennifer Minore and her husband John soon here in Chicago…. Happy Trails!

    1. What fun to have you here! Give my regards to JM, and I hope you can stick around for the course when it starts.

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