Are you a better ukulele player?

A real question: are you better on your ukulele than you were 21 weeks ago?

successHere’s why I ask:

Founding members of the Uke Club, Daily Ukulele Workout, are now entering their 21st week of daily (yes, daily!) video mini-lessons, and I’ve noticed–

Only 3 people have dropped out (out of our founding class of about 20).

Out of all our current members (now in triple digits), still only a handful have dropped out.

That’s astonishing to me.

I’m in daily contact with members, so I know how it’s going for individuals, what the successes are, and what the complaints are.

And I have narrowed down the single defining characteristic that indicates someone is going to drop out.

It’s not “not enough time.”

It’s not “too much work.”

It’s not “my fingers won’t do that.”

I will tell you what is, so you can avoid it.

But this email is getting long, so I’ll tell you…





PS: I’ve begun thinking of these emails as my own personal “Ellen” show. We’re about fun, chat, as well as “life changing information.”

And, just like Ellen, I include my sponsor’s message as part of each show.

But this little series of emails is not just a pitch to get you to join the Uke Club.

I’ve put a lot of thought into some real and deep thinking about why uke players succeed and fail, and I want to share it with you, without hard-selling you anything.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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