10 words you need to stop misspelling TODAY

Apart from apart, one of the most commonly misspelled words is misspelled. Also is also often misspelled, though not as often as often. Mispronounced is rarely mispronounced, but is usually spelled incorrectly. Obviously, spelling mispronounced as “incorrectly” is the incorrect way to spell mispronounced. But IS, of course, the correct way of spelling incorrectly, both literally and figuratively. “Literally” is spelled literally–literally. “Figuratively,” oddly, is spelled figuratively, literally. Ukulele is spelled with “U” in the middle, and “me” slightly over to the side. The two non-u vowels are are written with ease, because they are e’s–though ukulele has no R. OK? And the way OK is spelled? Is usually ok. *** Hope this friendly message helps you avoid some embarasing errors. If you need help with the non-spelling aspects of ukulele playing, sign up for the free “Strumming Mastery” video workshop, starting soon. You can find it right here. your pal, Danno

My ukulele self-help book!

Why no books with smaller goals that self-help you into realistic things that you actually need? –Manage to Get to the Post Office Before It Closes. –The Magic of Flossing. –I Will Teach You to Add Oil to Your Lawnmower

Why so many ukulele emails?

These emails are here to cajole, finagle, elbow, encourage, and above all, REMIND you that, yes, it’s another day, and that’s another opportunity to think about the little instrument you love, and get it out, and PLAY IT.