Enjoy! Here’s HOURS of great songs from the 1920s

Enjoy these playslists of songs from the 1920s. These are not ukulele songs per se, but they are of that amazing era of golden hits from Tin Pan Alley, when the every goof, sheik, and flapper carried a ukulele.

NOTE: This is not a single video, it’s a YouTube playlist. You can start it and let it go for hours of 1920s songs!

playlists best songs of the 1920s
There’s more than one song–it’s a playlist!
Other Ukulele Sheet Music Resources

This page shows you all our ukulele sheet music resources. Downloads from this site, and some of the best libraries for songs around the internet.

These songs are wonderful for us modern day ukulele players

because the sheet music often came with a ukulele arrangement so you could play right along. Nowadays, the uke arrangments have been entirely superseded by guitar arrangements.

Even though these songs were written during the uke-friendly 1920s, there aren’t too many uke-specific recordings. Some exceptions are records by Ukulele Ike and Gene Austin.

Nevertheless, these full band recordings are great to listen to (partly because they’re just great) so you can learn the melodies and the lyrics, and get the feel for the song, which you can apply when playing them on your uke.


Here area the the best songs of 1921:


Here area the the best songs of 1922:


Here area the the best songs of 1924:


Here area the the best songs of 1925–maybe the best year for ukulele songs EVER:


OK, I take it back–1926 was probably the best year for great ukulele songs: