Why Learn Scales on Ukulele

C major scales on ukulele

Do you really need to learn scales on ukulele? Lots of questions coming in about learning scales on ukulele–is it worth bothering with? This little series will walk you through the reasons learning scales on ukulele is important, and then coach you on some of the basics, so you can get the magic into your fingertips. I like these quotes from the Street Musician blog, because my journey into scales on ukulele was similar to this guy’s (on guitar): Avoid learning scales on ukulele at all costs Begrudgingly accept that scales maybe could possibly help with some understanding of music Grow to quite enjoy them Source: Why Learn Scales ? : The Maths Of Music « Street Musician – Guitar Blog ‘Why do I need to learn scales on ukulele and what are their practical application in music?’ Scales are like the maths of music, the main reason to learn them is to give your …

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