Blues on ukulele?

Learn to play the blues on ukulele. It’s fun and easy, and won’t make you (too) sad.

Aw, man, even on ukulele sometimes you just got to sing the blues.

And, you know, despite its reputation as the “happy instrument,” you can play some mean and low-down blues on the ukulele.

The only trouble with the blues—well, it’s just so sad.

I’m going to propose an entire new form of music, kind of the opposite of The Blues.

We’ll call it: The Happies.

Here’s my first song in this exciting new genre, I Found a Winning Lottery Ticket:

I was walkin’ down the street
When just beneath my feet
I found a winning lottery ticket
I’m a very lucky guy

And the flip side, Girlfriend Came Back:

We had a little tiff
Things were lookin’ bad
But I tried some flowers and some candy
And my girlfriend came back to me
I’m a very lucky guy

Other Happies songs include

  • Whaddaya Know, the Person I Voted for Won
  • Lookee, Lookee, This Tie Really Matches My Suit
  • Found a Surprising Amount of Change (In My Cushions)
  • Is That Gum on My Shoe? Nope, an Easily Removable Piece of Tape

Want to play the REAL blues on your uke?

After many requests, I've put together a video course to teach you the basics of the blues on the ukulele.

This style works surprisingly well on our little instrument and is pleasantly easy (at least to get started).

If you've got an awful low-down feeling, probably due to some dirty mistreater, you may need to be playing the blues.

your pal,

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