My Crappy Car vs. Your Ukulele

Do you remember your first car?

I got my license the day I turned 16, but I didn’t get my own car till I was 20.

This guy I worked with came in one day and said, “I’m selling my car.”

It was a crappy Honda hatchback that I’d actually ridden in once or twice, and I asked how much.

He had to call his mom.

And then: “My mom says I should get fifty dollars or a hundred.”

I didn’t comment on his horrible salesmanship, and offered him $50.

My first car!

Things changed for me instantly, right then, right there.

Now that I had a car, I knew everything was going to be different.

There was nothing I couldn’t do. Nowhere I couldn’t go.

I pictured Early Man crossing land bridges to new continents, creating civilizations, forging the future. That would be me, now that I had a car.

I was living in Flint, Michigan at the time (don’t ask), and guess where I went in that car?

  • Well, I went to the grocery store.
  • I went to Halo Burger (often).
  • I went (very often) to the auto parts store (because it was $50 car, after all).

But I never actually mapped out a route and drove somewhere interesting.

(Unless you happen to consider the appropriately named Flushing, Michigan interesting…)

Now, I teach ukulele classes all the time, and I daresay many students are in the same boat.

That new ukulele (you know, the really nice one) is going to make all the difference.

I’ll finally be able to play any song, any style, any time. No practice required!

But–here’s my internet meme for the day–

My advice: know where you want to go before you buy the car.

If you’re trying to get somewhere, you’ve got to know where you’re trying to get.

Deep, ain’t I?


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