How to Play Ukulele

Danno sez: For anyone trying to learn to play the ukulele, or get better at ukulele, it’s important to master some basics. Dig through our selection of free and helpful articles below.

Get these children ukuleles! For the love of all that is good.

Adorable, tiny children playing enormously enormous guitars.

The Spiderman Method of Getting Better on Ukulele

Early in my ukulele playing career, I lobbed off the very tip of my left hand ring finger cutting tomatoes.

The Wiener Rule (for Songwriters)

The Wiener Rule (for Songwriters)

If you’re going to write a hit song, do not include the word “wiener.” (Here’s why).

Uke Players: Scared to Jam?

jam jars--it's a pun

Does your little internal ukulele player start saying things like, “What if I don’t know the song? What if I don’t know the chords? What if I don’t know the strum pattern?”

“My Sharona” on my favorite 4-stringed instrument…

Danno plays hits of the 1980s on his custom-built instrument.

How to spell UKULELE — is there only one right way?

Ukelele, Ukalaly, Ukele, Ukelele, Ukuele, Yukalayle, Ukule — How to spell this dang thing!

Learn to Play Ukulele for Beginners

Want to learn to play ukulele? Here’s my loooong overview of this skills and gear you need to learn ukulele for beginners.

1920 Ukulele Songs, TOP HITS (list)

The biggest ukulele songs of 1920 in one big list. We’ll cover many of these as Songs of the Week in upcoming weeks, with songs.

What to do (when you’re not playing ukulele)

Yes, you love your ukulele. But you can’t be on it 24 hours a day. Here’s a helpful list of potential other activities to keep you occupied and self-improvey.

Learning Ukulele Chords

learn ukulele chords

This is the best site I’ve found for quick-n-easy ukulele chord info. Look ’em by name, or by clicking frets on the neck. Thanks, Uke Buddy!

Popularity Follows the Ukulele?

old magazine ad for ukulele course

Does the uke make you popular? Or do YOU make the uke popular?

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