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Uke Songs NEED Sunshine and Moonlight…

The very best ukulele songs have one common attribute…

Have You Tried Alternate Tunings for Ukulele?

Ever tried oddball alternate tunings for ukulele? You’re never locked into the standard GDEA tuning–unless you want to be.

C major scales on ukulele

Why Learn Scales on Ukulele

Do you really need to learn scales on ukulele? Lots of questions coming in about learning scales on ukulele–is it worth bothering with? This little series will walk you through the reasons learning scales on ukulele is important, and then coach you on some of the basics, so you can get the magic into your fingertips. I like these quotes from the Street Musician blog, because my journey into scales on ukulele was similar to this guy’s …

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C major scales on ukulele

Scales on ukulele–worth the bother? (The best way to improve on uke)

When you want to start getting better, you’re going to want to take a looking at learning some scales on ukulele — it’s really a kind of ukulele super power!

Change chords smoothly on ukulele

Change chords smoothly on ukulele

Why you must learn to change chords smoothly on ukulele; why it’s so hard; and what do to make it much, much easier!

Speed up and slow down videos to make uke learning easier

Ukulele players: use this tools to make learning from videos much faster and much more efficient.

“How to Play Ukulele E Chord” mini-course is now FREE!

Stop struggling with E chord on ukulele! This tutorial shows you how to make E chord easier, simpler, and more fun!

How to Organize Your Sheet Music Like the Pros

Don’t stack your sheet music! You’ll never find the song you need quickly. This video shows you how the pros manage their music, and you can too!

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