Ukulele Songs and Tabs

Danno sez: The whole point of learning to play ukulele is having fun, playing the songs you love. Below are resources for tabs, songs, and ukulele sheet music.

My (semi) secret source for ukulele songs and tabs

Have you ever searched for the ukulele songs and tabs for a song on the Internet? There are HUNDREDS of sites, full of songs and tabs and chords, in every style, every genre. And most of them… …are for guitar. And that’s why you should know about Here’s the link to Chordie. Chordie pulls song files from across the web into its own central database, so you can almost always find the song you’re looking for. [su_box title=”More more more!” style=”noise” box_color=”#f7dcb4″ title_color=”#348b9f”]Check Out Our Other Posts on Ukulele Songs and Tabs![/su_box] Best of all, it’s very uke friendly. By default, it show chord diagrams for guitar. 🙁 But clicky-clicky a little button, and switch right over to uke shapes instead–nice! 🙂 Other features I love about… Read More »My (semi) secret source for ukulele songs and tabs

An amazing discovery for uke players–free, vintage songsheets to download

Another amazing discovery in the ukulele world. The amount of work and effort and generosity of our uke people continues to astonish. The folks at Ukecafe have taken one of the very first ukulele method books and updated it to make it easier for today’s players. Here’s what I mean. Here’s part of a page from the Kamiki Ukulele Method from 1917: Nothing wrong with that– –if you know how to read standard music notation. But what the Ukecafe folks have done is “translate” the notation in easier-to-read ukulele tablature. And they’ve created videos to go along with the tabs, so you can hear how they go! [su_youtube_advanced url=”” width=”920″ autohide=”yes” rel=”no” modestbranding=”yes”] From Ukucafe: We chose to focus on instrumental pieces (Solos & Duet, but… Read More »An amazing discovery for uke players–free, vintage songsheets to download