Play Chuck Berry ukulele songs and chords and riffs

Want to learn Chuck Berry ukulele styles?

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In a recent informal poll, I was amazed to have SEVERAL people requesting information on how to play Chuck Berry ukulele songs.

The people have spoken, and I am happy to answer. I will be offering a FREE webinar teaching the basics of Chuck Berry's crazy rock-n-roll riff. Just grab your ukulele and tune in.

Now the thing about Chuck Berry is that it's all about the RIFFS–and pleasantly (and maybe surprisingly), the riffs aren't that hard and are pretty playable on the ukulele.

The CHORDS for Chuck Berry ukulele songs are exactly the same as for guitar, and most of his songs are good ol' 3-chord rock-n-rollers.

Chuck Berry's famous songs and licks include (which sound great on uke):

  • Johnny B. Goode (the most famous riff in all of rock?)
  • Sweet Little Sixteen (lifted by the Beach Boys for “Surfin' USA”)
  • No Particular Place to Go
  • Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  • Memphis
  • Roll Over, Beethoven
  • Rock-n-Roll Music (covered by the Beatles)
  • and on and on

Learning Chuck Berry ukulele riffs is not that hard, but trying to pick it out on your own can make you crazy–especially if you're just working from tablature, like this:

Chuck Berry ukulele tab for "Johnny B. Goode"
Ukulele tab for Chuck Berry's “Johnny B. Goode”

Now if you're just looking for chords (not the riff), here's Chuck Berry's most famous song,  “Johnny B. Goode” (in the key of A), downloadable from the Halifax Ukulele Gang.

The only trouble is, without the riffs, it doesn't really sound like Chuck Berry — especially on the uke.

The chords are literally the same ones you'd use for “You Are My Sunshine” — about as far away from Chuck Berry as you can get!

Learn to Play Chuck Berry on your uke

It can be done. The video presentation below walks you through all the techniques, as well as the underlying logic of playing Chuck Berry licks and riffs on your ukulele.

No doubt, Chuck Berry was the king of rock-n-roll, inspiring the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the entire rock generation. It's a blast to play these classic licks on the uke.

Rock that uke!

Here's the replay of the Chuck Berry ukulele webinar

A few tech problems, but we got past them–and here's the body of the webinar for your infotainment (you can click the little square icon to go full-screen!) (And click the little gear to speed it up.)


If you're looking for more uke songs to play:


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