Let’s Get Started


So glad to have you here taking part in the workshop. Here’s a quick video message about what to expect, and getting the most out of the program.

Remember, the modules will be released over three weeks to give you time to absorb the info without getting overwhelmed, to give you time to work on the material, and to allow time for any correspondence we may have to get your questions answered and problems cleared up.

You can email questions at any time to: mailto:friendlyhelperson@largecorp.com


You can enlarge the video to full screen to make it easier to see the strumming tutorials. Look for the “double arrow” icon at the bottom right of each video.

full screen


Another Tip:

If you have trouble with the videos, the first thing is try using another browser. Chrome and Firefox seem most reliable for video playback. Internet Explorer seems to be widely reviled and most likely to cause problems (especially older versions).

Another suggestion: right click on the video itself and experiment with different settings.


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