Say It. Play It.

Better than the Vital Element?

This is such an important concept that I moved it out of the “bonuses” section, to you could have access to it right away.

It probably is not actually better than the Vital Element, but it works hand in hand with it, and is another way to wrap your brain around CREATING a strum, rather than memorizing and regurgitating.

Intro to “Say It and Play It”

A simple example

I caught a mistake on the video–I call it “See and Say It” instead of of “Say It and Play It.” I was so giddy about teaching this to you, my words got all misconjoberated! Like other concepts, we go back to a very simple example to help you understand it clearly. We’ll complicate it in the next video.

A slightly more complex example:

Song demo: Minnie the Moocher

Figuring out a song you don’t know the strum for

Song demo: Limbo Rock


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