What’s better–a cheap ukulele or an expensive ukulele?

Comparing a Very Cheap Ukulele to a Very Expensive Ukulele

This video is a great comparison between a cheap uke and an expensive uke. The cheap uke is about $20. The expensive uke, $1000.

If you’re like me, you can tell a difference.

But–is it a $980 difference?

This video is a little more specific.

This on is comparing a Cheap Makala Ukulele vs $5000 Vintage Martin 3k Ukulele



Comments on What’s better–a cheap ukulele or an expensive ukulele?

  1. Mark says:

    I guess higher price doesn’t mean better sound. I picked the Makala all 3 times. When I asked some others to listen to this, they also chose the Makala. My first ukulele was a Makala and it’s still my favorite, though I think my Kala and Lanikai both sound better.

  2. Susan says:

    Do you have the same kind of strings on both ukuleles? As a brand new beginner I have to wonder if strings make a difference too…

    1. Danno says:

      This is one of the great boondoggles in a fair comparison. Of course strings make a difference, but it’s not practical to be swapping out strings over multiple instruments, alas. — I think that’s where experience kicks in. You can imagine how a certain type of strings might behave on a particular uke…

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