How to Read and Play from Ukulele Tab (Tablature)

This free mini-course teaches you how to use ukulele tab.

Add exciting new sounds to your ukulele playing when you learn to use tablature

Have you tried fooling around with tablature on your ukulele?

Most uke players play most of the time by STRUMMING.

Nothing wrong with that, but what if you could add a whole new dimension to your playing — single notes, melodies, riffs?

Tab is a easy way to depict which exact notes to play on the uke. Like standard notation, the tabs can represent the melody of the song, or the chords, or a riff–anything that can be show in standard notation can be shown in tab, but for us string players, with more precision.


Most beginner tab you’ll find can be pretty boring–usually just the single note melody line for you to pick out. That’s fine if you’re really just starting and need to get the hang of it.

Tab can show you a simple single note or basic melody —

But the fun begins…

…when you can start combining the melody line while continuing to keep the strumming accompaniment going. You become a one-man band, with two interesting things happening at the same time.

That’s more advance that what we cover here, but it’s the ultimate goal. This quick lesson will give you the basics so you have a place to advance from.

Enjoy! This is a fun technique that can have a big impact on your playing.

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