Welcome, reader!

All my courses are here to help you get better on ukulele. They are meant to be fast and fun, and as helpful as I can make them. If you have question or concerns, I am here to help -- just drop me a note anytime, even if it's just let me know how you're doing in the course!

- Danno

Welcome, Ukulele Beginner!

  • I’m exciting to get you going down the path of ukulele fun!
  • You’ll find the lessons listed in the sidebar on every page of the course.
  • Always remember your video controls — slow down or speed up!
  • I’m here to help — drop me a note anytime <img role=” />


Tip 1: Lost? Run home to your dashboard!

reader, you can always come home. Find your courses and other content, here on your dashboard page.

Tip 2: To find anything...

...use the MEMBERS menu at the top. You'll find pretty much everything related to your account and courses.

Tip 3: Improve your video experience

I *love* the power of video for learning new skills and info. You can make it even better by using the controls on each video to go FULL SCREEN (so you can really see what's happening), and to SLOW DOWN or speed up the video (so you can skip the parts you don't need, and focus on the parts you do). -- Bottom, right corner of every video!