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The VIP Membership adds a “DEEP DIVE” component to the 3-Song Challenge!

The 3-Song Challenge consists of a series of lightning-fast video lessons to help you learn the ukulele basics in the fastest, funnest way possible.

But some people want a little more --

  • More info
  • More knowledge
  • More insight
  • More tips
  • More "why" and more "how"

We recorded a LIVE class for each unit, answering questions and providing a deeper dive into the the lesson. When you choose the VIP option, you get access to all three bonus sessions, to deepen your understanding and speed up your learning.

How Much is the VIP Membership?

As you know, my simple motto is "More Uke Players Playing More Uke Songs."

That's why I made the Challenge FREE -- I don't want any NOT playing the uke!

I don't offer private ukulele lessons any more, but when I did, each lesson was $97.

This personalized VIP experience, includes 3 ADDITIONAL LESSONS, and yet the cost is WAAAY less than a single live lesson with me would cost.

Just a one-time cost of $27.


3 BONUS video sessions, for deeper understanding, and faster learning the ukulele basics


BONUS 1: Special Report -- “Play Without Practice,” Danno's sneaky tricks for getting better on the uke


BONUS 2: “1-Chord Song Report” -- Danno's favorite method to perfect a new chord or a new strum, in easy-to-read list form


BONUS 3: Life-long access to the “Ukulele 3x3x3” video course, so you can review anytime. (Non-VIPs lose access after 14 days.)

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