Blues Scale

Single note picking via the minor pentatonic scale:

In the key of C

[s3mm type=”video” files=”blues course/15 pent scale-Wistia.mp4″ /]

Remember–you can start on any note and the scale PATTERN remains the same, even though the notes within it change.

Add single notes to chords for a full sound

Sort of Bad to Bone:

[s3mm type=”video” files=”blues course/16 bad to the bone riff-Wistia.mp4″ /]

(and a little reminder about Selective Strumming!)


  1. Even if you're not doing the single notes yet, try the pure rhythm talked about in video two.
  2. Walk through the scale–single notes–a few times.
  3. See if you combine them!
  4. You can mark this page complete, and move on.

Next up, moving into a different type of blues–in a minor key.