One note that changes everything

Where to find it:

[s3mm type=”video” files=”blues course/09 finding the shuffle note-Wistia.mp4″ /]

Find the note for any chord:

[s3mm type=”video” files=”blues course/10 finding shuffle note anywhere-Wistia.mp4″ /]


  1. Start simple. Do this for one chord (F is good to start with). Play it for a few minutes to get the sound in your mind and the feeling in your fingers.
  2. Note on which counts the boogie note typically falls. (2 and 4).
  3. Find the boogie note for every major chord you know. Remember, count six notes up the scale, and there you are.
  4. You can mark this page complete, and move on.

Next up: the vitally important notion of playing with FEELING.