book club

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  • we choose one of the great uke books in the world
  • I make up-close custom videos for you, to clarify the book and add helpful tidbits
  • Back library develops over time, so you can you dig in whenever you want to

END RESULT: You have a ton of fun getting better at ukulele, and playing the songs you love in the styles you love.

Q and A:

  • How much?
    • I want everyone to play ukulele, so the price is incredibly cheap: $10/month. The price will definitely go up soon, but not for you, as long as you stay subscribed. (Compare to my stand-alone courses at $97/each; and private lessons at $375/month.)
  • How do I get started?
    • CLICK HERE to subscribe. — You'll get log-in details and then you can choose your first course. After that, just follow along with the videos and participate in the group for help and encouragement.
  • What Books are Available?
    • This is a brand new program, so so far there are only two books available. Fingerstyle Quickstart is perfect for anyone who's got the basics and is ready to add new techniques and sounds. And, an absolute favorite, Kev's Quickstart Ukulele Blues (blues sounds GREAT on ukulele). — I'll be adding new books often — and you can always recommend one!
  • Is there a set schedule?
    • Nope. It's completely flexible so you can work on your own schedule.
  • Do I Buy My Own Books?
    • Yes. If you want a physical copy of the book, you'll need to buy it from a music shop or bookstore (online or off). YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED to buy the physical book — these lessons are complete and stand-alone, but having the book is a huge bonus. It makes practice easier (since you won't need your computer in front of you), and, most important, we support the authors by paying for their books.
  • Is there help and coaching?
    • You're never alone 🙂 You'll be invited to join our private online group, where you'll be welcomed into the loving arms of fellow uke-lovers who are going through the same program and are there with conversation, encouragement, and advice. A pal to keep you going is sometimes better than any lesson!
  • Is it easy to cancel?
    • It's as easy as clicking one button. Or dropping an email to HQ.

Courses will be available Oct. 17