Yep, more good news.

The same shape and theory works at fret 3 for the E-flat chord. Here’s a secret tip: you can keep moving the barre up the neck and get new, ever-higher chords–just keep muting the first string. So we have: Barre at Fret 2: D Fret 3: Eb Fret 4: E (Those are the common ones. This next batch, you usually make using other shapes, but you can use the barre and just keep going. Sometimes this can give a new sound to your playing). Fret 5: F Fret 6: F# Fret 7: G Fret 8: G# Fret 9: A (And, yes, I really do go that high sometimes, even on a little soprano ukulele!). Here’s how to apply The Shape to create (the hated) E-flat chord, to play some groovy Kink’s riffs: [s3mm type=”video” files=”defeat the e/E 6 Kinks with bb-HD 720p.mp4″ /]