Reading Tablature

If you already know how to read tab (tabs, tablature), then skip right on to the next lesson, Mister and/or Miss Smartypants.


Otherwise, take a quick gander at the video below.

Why you NEED tablature:

Most uke players don't read music, and tablature is not reading music.

But you are getting info about where to put your finger on the fretboard, and which fingers you should be plucking with.

In other words — it's pretty much everything you need to know about how to play a song!

If you can read it. Gulp.

It's not hard!

It'll take you five minutes to understand how to read tabs, five minutes to practice the basics — and then…

Well, plenty more time after that to be able to read and play simultaneously.

But the basics are simple.

And you can go a loooong way with the basics. 🙂