Session 3 – Movable Chords Workshop

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Good news!

You've done the hard part!

Now, you can use these exact same strategies to find the minor version of chords and the 7th versions of chords. All versions of a given chord use the same root note, and the shapes are still based on which string the root is on.


Yes, I've added lots of song examples and details below, but the essense of minor and 7th chord shapes is all the chart above. Combine with your existing knowledge and you've got the building blocks of the whole system.

Chord Shapes:

Details on the MINOR and 7th versions of the 3 shapes

A quick overview:

Bm and B7 SHAPES:

Gm and G7 SHAPES:

Dm and D7 SHAPES:

(optional) Interesting Question: Why is this D minor?

Chord Melody Intro:

Finally, let's start using all these shapes to start making actual music!

The fun run!

Songs and song sheets:

CLICK HERE to download the song packet.