The VERY BEST way to learn new ukulele songs and get better is by playing with other musicians

By joining a uke club, you’ll be in the company of fellow uke lovers, bringing in their own influences, knowledge, techniques, and style. And YOU get to soak it all in, and try it all out in safe environment–with a bunch of people playing at the same time, you can mess up and no one will notice…

Every uke club I’ve been to has been lovely and welcoming, so don’t be shy, and don’t say you’re not good enough “yet.” — To get better, you gotta play!

How to Find a Uke Group to Join

  • Uke Clubs around the globe, CLICK HERE
  • Ukester Brown has a very comprehensive listing of ukulele clubs around the world, here
  • My ukulele hero, Jumpin’ Jim, has a list of ukulele festivals and uke events here

If you happen to be in my neighborhood:

I helped start the wondeful Ukulelel Union of Boston — join us online or in real life! Info here.