Ukulele Strum Cheats Lightning-Fast Overview


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Please read the quick post below for some tips on how to get the most value out of this Strumming Cheatsheet.

Getting the Most from Your Uke Strums Cheatsheet

Here's the shocking truth about the Uke Strums Cheatsheet: you don't need it!

Sure, you can use it learn some of the most essential strums (the “how-to” is below).

But it's main purpose is to INSPIRE you.

Most songs don't consist of a single strum, repeated over and over from beginning to end. There's some artistry in there, with many different strums being mixed together to create a pleasing and original sounding song.

Arguably, an experienced player would never ask, “What's the strum pattern?” Because the strum pattern changes constantly.

SO —

  • DO learn the patterns on the strum sheet
  • DO practice them, so they become second nature
  • DO practice moving from one pattern to another
  • and then — FORGET THEM! And just play.

After lots of practice, your strumming will be INFLUENCED by your deep-rooted abilities with these most-basic strums, but not CONFINED by them. You'll be able to move fluidly from pattern to pattern (even to “no” pattern) — and then when the song sounds like the song, and you can go to bed, a happy ukulelel player.

Your ukulele coach,

PS: WOULD A VIDEO HELP? I've made a quick-n-handy video series to walk you through these strum patterns (and a few more). Click here for the details.

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