Hear It

This course uses sheet music, but it's not about how to READ sheet music–so it really helps to have the sound of the song in your mind.

You probably know this version by Elvis:

Hard to argue with that.

But just listen to this version from 1929 — and see where the King of Rock-n-Roll gets his style!

Are You Lonesome Tonight is a great song, and a great ukulele song.

Those 3-chord rock songs tend to sound alike when played on the uke, but this slower ballad has a distinct sound. It was a Number One hit for The King in 1960, but if you feel that Elvis is getting a little too much attention here for a song he didn’t even write, you will enjoy this clip of Val Kilmer doing a pretty dang funny parody version.

(This is from the pretty dang fun movie “Top Secret” from 1984.):

NEXT: Let's learn how to add interest to this basically simple song — and make fun to play!