Are you tuned up and ready for action?

For our first lesson today, we’re taking a rather deep dive into a basically simple song.

First, download the sheet music, here. You'll need it to follow along.

My intent was to make each lesson an easily digestible 15-30 minutes. This has come in at a little over an hour. And here’s the reason:

This is a six week class in one lesson!

I think I was a little over-excited to make sure you were getting a thorough lesson.


I’ve broken the video into three sections so you can digest a little more easily.

And here’s the important thing:

As we progress together, you’ll KNOW a lot of the thing that in this lesson I stopped to explain. Future lessons can be more succinct since you’ll already have some of the “vocabulary” under your belt.

So dive in. This is a fun song to play–so many people know it, it’s a great party song and a sing-along favorite.