About the Blue Room

A fun song with some nice tricks

The Blue Room ukulele sheet musicFirst, you'll want to download the sheet music to work from, here.

And be sure to give the “original artists” recordings a listen below, especially the version by the Revelers, since I mention it a few times in the video.

Remember, a big part of these songs becoming easier to learn, is just familiarity–if you know the sound you're trying to achieve, it's easier to achieve it!


This is inarguably an old-fashioned song with an old-fashioned sentiment–

–and that’s what I love about it. It’s so over-the-top corny that it comes back around the other side as sweet and sincere.

I’ve always loved the 1920’s version by the Revelers. In fact, I love it so much it was the “first dance” song at my wedding!

Joe Venuti, crazy jazz violin from 1928:

I’m always intrigued by different versions of the same song. I think of The Blue Room as a slow and sentimental number, but here it’s jaunty and swingin’, and sounds great. Supposedly that’s Harold Arlen doing the vocals (he’s the writer of virtually every other song that’s ever existed in the world).