The ukulele’s most hated chords?

As a native English speaker, I take great pride in knowing much word-things and using on them correct.

(That’s what’s known in the biz as a comic opening. Now onto your standard email):

But there are some words in English that just make me MAD.


Pretend you’re on the English Word Creation Squad, and someone says, “OK—next up, we need a word for that place where the fire goes. What shall we call that?”

“The place where the fire goes? Hmmmmm…”

“I know! What if we called the place where a fire goes…a fireplace?”

(General cheers).

And now you’re on a roll. You get to name some other things:

  • That thing on your car that shields you from the wind?
  • What about that place where you walk that’s, you know, over to the side?

(Come on, you can do it…)

And, the world of clothing is filled with these obvious words.

  • Pants that are tight? Let’s call them tights!
  • Shoes that are flat? Let’s call them flats!
  • And the one that always sorta grosses me out: That big bulky shirt that’s so hot it makes you actually sweat? Let’s call it a…sweater.



But these words are unavoidable. These are the words of every day English, and we use them fluidly, easily, and without even thinking about them.

Your ukulele chords should be the same way.

(Bet you didn’t see that coming, did you?)

Chord “vocabulary” just means easy familiarity with all the chords you might want to use, so you can play songs without worry or fear of encountering some unplayable chord.

You want to be familiar with all the basic chords so you can play all the songs that you want to play, and not have to just shame-facedly flip the page because a song has chords that you “can’t pronounce.”

D and E chords are the most annoying of the common chords (for most people). [clickToTweet tweet=”If G and C are “pants,” then D and E are ‘coulottes.'” quote=”If G and C are “pants,” then D and E are ‘coulottes.'”]

And that’s why you should a look at my new mini-course, “Defeat the E.” You can sign up by clicking on this, um…

Let’s see, what shall I call this link that’s on the web???

I know! Click on this weblink!

your pal,


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