My high-tech tip to find TIME for uke practice

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The uke problem I hear about second-to-the-most frequently is:

I just don't have time to practice.

Let me tell about a few people who do have time to practice (and then I'll tell you how you can, too).

First Man on the Moon Neil Armstrong?

Too busy to play the ukulele?

That's astronaut Neil Armstrong playing ukulele.
That's astronaut Neil Armstrong playing ukulele.

Business super-magnate Warren Buffett?

“Busi” is part of his title, but is he too busy to play ukulele?

Yep, that's Warren Buffet playing the ukulele.
Yep, that's Warren Buffet playing the ukulele.

George Clooney, popular actor, and Hollywood busybody?

Well, I don't know if he plays the ukulele, or just holds the ukulele, but either way, he's made the time:


So here's my high-tech tip to help you find time to practice uke:

It's hard to make yourself do something nebulous.

So let's make it concrete.

Let's make “uke practice” be much more specific. Say, “5 minutes of uke practice.”

And this is not an iffy kind of 5 minutes. This is going to be exactly 5 minutes.

Now do exactly what I tell you.

Here's a secret way to use Google to help you practice.

  • With uke in hand, go to your web browser search bar (or to Google specifically).
  • Type: timer 5 minutes
  • Hit: RETURN.
  • Start your timer. Start your practice.

And do this every day.

And someday, you, too, can be first man on the moon.

your pal,
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  1. In addition to daily practice, which can be really boring if you just play the same songs all the time, at least once a week find some tune that has a new chord, or new transition between chords, that you have yet to learn, and focus on learning that cord.