Getting the Most Out of Your Free Membership in the Library for Uke Lovers

Join me, won’t you? In a quick little tour through the Free Library for Ukulele Lovers, so you can take full advantage of the free happiness that awaits you there.

“More ukulele players playing more uke songs.”

That’s my simple motto.

And to back it up, I’ve set up The Free Library for Ukulele Lovers, where uke lovers like you can access an every-changing stockpile of uke tutorials, songs, tabs, sheet music downloads, and other goodies.

The thing is, a lot of people sign up, then don’t do nothing with what they got.

So join me, won’t you? In a quick little tour through the Library, so you can take full advantage of the free happiness that awaits you there.

Handy Links:

  • Of course, you’ll always want to log in, here.
  • Which will take you to your Dashboard page, here


On the Free Library/Uke Course page, you’ll find a rotating bunch of hands-on uke lessons and courses meant to help you with laser-focused uke problems.

All the courses come complete with…

Navigation and lesson tracking

Unlike, say, a bunch of random videos on YouTube, I try to make these course complete and self-contained, so you can get solid results in the fastest way possible.

Once you’re logged in, you can also check off lessons as you go through them, bookmark favorites you want to come back to, and track your progress with the handy “track your progress” progress tracking box.

Progress, Bookmarks, and Favorites

You can also use the little icons at the end of every lesson to keep track of where you within a course.

If you always click the checkmark to indicate “done,” you’ll always be able to see at glance which lessons are still waiting for you.

And, of course, you can do that over at the overview page, where you can see lessons marked as complete, favorite, or bookmarked for later.

All of these can be access from the MEMBER menu in the top bar.

Sheet Music

Do you love those wonderful old sheet music folios from the Golden Age of Ukulele? Catchy, catchy tunes, beautiful full-color covers with snappy Jazz Age illustrations, and (almost always) actual uke chords built right in for your strumming pleasure.

I am a long-time collector of vintage ukulele sheet music, and as I gather, scan, and clean-up new songs, I rotate them through the Free Library for the likes of you to download and enjoy.

To see what’s available at any given time, just go to the Free Library Lobby and take a look around. Also plus too, I’ll always send you an email when there’s new content available. I’m helpful that way 🙂


…so you can make requests.

My simple goal is: “More uke players playing more uke songs.”

I do whatever I can to make that a reality. So if there’s something you’d love to see in the library, drop me a note and let me know.

I am here to serve.

your pal,

PS: Not a member yet? You can join right here, right now!

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