Free online ukulele tuner – another way to tune your uke!

I'm always looking for an easier way of keeping my uke in tune.

I've just discovered a very nice, very easy to use, and very free (!) online ukulele tuner that helps with the vital chore of getting your uke tuned up.

(I've added this to my Master Ukulele Tuning Page, where you'll also find my video tricks for getting tuned up).

The free online ukulele tuner I recommend is…

And here's the link.

There are lots of free online uke tuners (and lots of general tuners that you can use for uke), but I think this one stands out for ease and convenience.

A word of warning about online ukulele tuners:

Remember, when you're using an online tuner like this, you're basically using my “Method 1” — tuning your uke by ear.

Unlike a clip-on electronic tuner, you don't get any feedback about whether your note is right or wrong! It's up to you to use the ears the good lord gave you to try to get things in sync.

How to use this handy-dandy free tuner:

The site gives you this nice graphic:

Screen Shot 2017 03 14 at 4.29.31 PM

Click the tuning peg, and hear a clear tone (or a ukey plunk) of the note you need to tune to.

Now twist your knobs (or those on the ukulele, if you prefer): tighten the string to go higher, loosen the string to go lower.

A red-hot tip: keep plucking the string as you tune, so you can HEAR when it comes into focus. 

So, in other words, nothing overly fancy here, but this free online tuner provides you a quick way to access the “right” sounds you need to get your ukulele in tune.

Works for tuning ALL ukes

Because this tuning app is merely playing tones for you to hear, it works for any size ukulele —

  • soprano ukulele tuning
  • concert ukulele tuning
  • tenor ukulele tuning, and
  • baritone ukulele tuning (which is NOT standard ukulele tuning, but see below)

A nice little bonus: tune your uke in different ways

Nowadays, most people seem to tune to prefer “standard ukulele tuning,” GCEA. But a lot of banjolele players, and Canadians, prefer to tune to ADF#B. And there any number of other ways to tune as well.

So the ukutuner folks have made a drop down menu where you can choose which tuning you prefer:

Screen Shot 2017 03 14 at 4.28.24 PM


All in all, a very simple and flexible app and, in my opinion, the best online ukulele tuner (so far).


Even better than a free online ukulele tuner:

These online tools are great when you're in a hurry, or out and about, and just need “the pitches” to tune to.

But vastly better, faster, and easier are the modern marvels, electronic, digital, clip-on tuners.

BY FAR my favorite clip-on tuner is this one from D'Addario:

[easyazon_infoblock align=”none” identifier=”B005FKF1PY” locale=”US” tag=”theverylargecorp”]

Looking for my “Four Ways to Tune Your Ukulele” post?

I'm  undergoing a big blog tidy-up, trying to make things more logical and easy to find.

The tuning article is here now, with videos in tow (including my favorite, “Sneaky Ways to Tune Your Uke”).

Because tuning is such a vital element for uke players, I've bundled the four tuning articles into the ukulele beginner “3x3x3” course, too.

So no excuses! Get in tune!

Another post about tuning your uke:
Have you considered alternate tunings?


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