Yes, you can (legally) get free ukulele books to help you learn songs and more!

Get Free Ukulele Books Using Danno’s Secret (but legal) Method

Get FREE ukulele books instead of spending a fortune on pricy ukulele “how to” books?

Danno's red-hot tip for free ukulele books

You bet, and that's my red-hot tip for you today.

Even in this wonderful day and age of the Internet and what feels like unlimited “how-to” resources, I still think ukulele how-to books are one of the best ways to get new knowledge.

And bang-for-your-buck, books are the most economical source, too. But books are still expensive, and there must be away to access the knowledge without all the cost.

In the scheme of things, books for learning ukulele are cheap knowledge.

But even better than cheap is FREE!



I installed this free browswer extension.

Now when I go to a book site (like Amazon or Barnes and Noble) and look up a book, the extension automatically checks my local library and shows me the results right on the page!

So I can see the Amazon price and I can see if the book is available for free at my library.

Wow, do I love this kind of thing — technology that helps!

Here's how it looks in action:

Free ukulele books

I just looked up the beloved “Daily Ukulele” songbook on Amazon. Now, I never mind paying to support ukulele authors, but, on the other hand, I never mind saving $30!


So if a book does not show up as available at your library, use your mouth and your manners and go talk to your friendly librarian and request an “inter-library loan.”

Trust me on this, librarians love this. The more obscure the request, the better. This is one of the things they are trained to do, and they love the challenge 🙂 .

I have never had this fail for any book no matter how obscure. They've even tracked down sheet music and CDs and DVDs for me.

Honestly, one of the best things you can do to improve your life is to make friends with your local librarian! They can help you with ukulele books and just about any other content you might every need.

Give these a try — and let me hear how it goes!

We're talking about it on Facebook, here.

“To amuse and inform,”

PS: If you need some good uke books to search for, you can see my recommendations here.

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