Here’s a red-hot tip for you today.

I still think ukulele how-to books are one of the best ways to get new knowledge. And bang-for-your-buck, books are the most economical source, too.

But even better than cheap is FREE!


I installed this free browswer extension. Now when I go to a book site (like Amazon or Barnes and Noble) and look up a book, the extension checks my local library and shows me the results right on the page!

So I can see the Amazon price and I can see if the book is available for free at my library.

Wow, do I love this kind of thing — technology that helps!

A few days ago, I was braggin on “Ukulele Breakthrough” by Calivin Chin (great book, on Amazon, here).

This was NOT available in my library, though it might be in yours.

So if a book is not available at your library, use your mouth and your manners and go talk to your friendly librarian and request an “inter-library loan.”

I have never had this fail for any book no matter how obscure. They’ve even tracked down sheet music for me.

Give these a try — and let me hear how it goes!

We’re talking about it on Facebook, here.

“To amuse and inform,”
— Danno


  1. Uke Friend Wright says:

    Danno, Did you give us the music for Runaway today? The one showing the handwritten notes and arrows. I would like to follow it until I can “hear it say it play it”.
    I couldn’t find it anywhere on todays FB page.

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