An amazing discovery for uke players–free, vintage songsheets to download

Another amazing discovery in the ukulele world.

The amount of work and effort and generosity of our uke people continues to astonish.

The folks at Ukecafe have taken one of the very first ukulele method books and updated it to make it easier for today’s players.

Here’s what I mean. Here’s part of a page from the Kamiki Ukulele Method from 1917:

Kamiki ukulele method song

All notes–no tab!

Nothing wrong with that–

–if you know how to read standard music notation.

But what the Ukecafe folks have done is “translate” the notation in easier-to-read ukulele tablature.

And they’ve created videos to go along with the tabs, so you can hear how they go!

From Ukucafe:

We chose to focus on instrumental pieces (Solos & Duet, but notice that it is actually possible to play the duos melodic line as a solo) because this is what causes the most problems. Also, we will link videos of our performances for each songs. Nevertheless, the arrangements were made for D tuned ukuleles. Although we build the tabs with retaining the original fingerings, we are playing songs in C tuning. So, we are one full step lower than the original key but you are obviously free to play in D.

Grab these free ukulele tab dowloads–

–enjoy the videos, the knowledge, and the generosity of smart musicians helping other musicians.

your pal,

For more resources on ukulele sheet music, jump right over here. Lots of info for you to dig through!

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  1. Vincent says:

    Thank you for the post! 🙂

    Vincent, from ukucafé

    1. Danno says:

      And likewise, thanks for the wonderful resource, Vincent!

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