Get better on ukulele–using your iPhone!

“Say, is that an expensive electronic device, perfect for improving your ukulele playing technique in your pocket, or you just happy to see me?”

You probably own a smart phone or tablet, or, great shades of the Luddites, maybe an actual video camera.

That magical tool can dramatically improve your focus and self-awareness when learning a new skill—and that means faster, better learning.

It’s become a new cliché to correct the old cliché, “Practice makes perfect.” Now it’s “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

But what makes “perfect practice”?

Without a teacher, you may be completely unaware of your slothful routines and bad habits, you slacker.

But switch on your magic memory maker, and you can become your own teacher, observing and offering your own corrections, and even whacking your own knuckles with your own ruler, if you happen to own one.

(If you happen to own a ruler, that is. I assume you own a knuckle—possibly ten of them).

You see, HOW you practice is just as important as WHAT you practice.

One feature of the new, upcoming that I’m very excited about it the peer review, whereby you can upload video of something you’re working on for feedback.

But you can get some of the goodness right now, on your own.

Something about being on camera, is sort of like being in front of an audience—and you tend to put a “little extra something” into it.

The good news is, when your practice includes that little something extra, that little something extra become ingrained!

I guess that’s what they call getting better…

your pal,

PS: Yesterday, I announced the soon-to-forming You can hop on the wait list here.

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