I want to help you get better on ukulele. And it's not about SKILL…

The secret to get better on ukulele is not a secret it all. It's a question of knowing where to focus.

You see…

I am not a ukulele know-it-all.

I may not even be a ukulele know-it-much.

But I am very good as a ukulele know-it-some.

And you may be that too.

When you're struggling to get better on ukulele–when you're trying to learn something deep and vast (MUSIC is deep and vast–and even a sub-niche like “ukulele music” is still deep and vast), why not NARROW IT DOWN to a specific skill that you can focus on and master.

Don't just say, “I want to get better on ukulele.”

Focus on…

Something tiny:

  • Chords for the first line of Happy Birthday—by ear
  • That new strum pattern Joe showed me the other night
  • 2nd position major chords
  • and so on

NOTE: “small” doesn't necessarily mean “easy.” Small is specific.

Now, when I teach people who want to get better on ukulele–

I KNOW I skip over what “pro” music teachers would consider crucial:

  • I know I teach shortcuts
  • I know I sometimes skimp on “theory” for the sake of getting to the “how to”
  • I know I show you the “simple way” whenever possible

I know that there are some real ukulele know-it-alls in the world, who can run rings around my knowledge and skill, who DO NOT APPROVE.

How dare we treat the instrument casually and make it enjoyable and fun? 


  • I also know that I have FUN playing ukulele
  • I play songs that I love
  • I entertain myself and my family and friends
  • I know that even practice is fun
  • And I get a little better on ukulele every day by focusing on a specific skill and truly mastering it.

And to quote either KC or the Sunshine Band: that's the way I like it.

So, goodbye for now–Master.

your pal,

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Danno Sullivan
Danno Sullivan

Founder of ”Play It Daily” Ukulele, co-founder of the Ukulele Union of Boston, and spreader of good cheer.