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Handy exercises for keeping your hands and arms and wrists supple and out of pain. For uke players and others.

Uke Players: First Do No Harm

Once in a while, one my uke class takers complains about pain in the wrist or arm, brought about strenuous playing.

Well, good on you for strenuous playing, but nobody wants the pain.

In my experience, there’s usually some small adjustment in hand positioning that can make difference, but there are also some simple exercises touted by trained professionals that you should know about.

Check out this article for some solid and helpful information on finger, hand and wrist exercises suitable for ukulele players. (Skip down toward the end for the actual exercises). Good to know this stuff before you need it!

And here’s very thorough article from Peabody Magazine that discusses the problem more than presenting solutions, but well-written and interesting to read.

“Almost all musical instruments are biomechanically unwieldy to begin with,” says Brown. “They almost all require positions you wouldn’t use for any other reason but to hold that instrument.”

Web MD has this slideshow with some general (non-ukulele specific) hand and wrist stretches.

Great series: hand stretches and exercises

This is geared toward guitarists, but it all applies to uke as well, of course.


Another look at avoiding ukulele wrist pain:

Good luck. Hope to see you soon with great bulging finger muscles!

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  1. ton meijer says:

    Hey Danno,
    I read the article on finger, hand and wrist exercises : very helpful! But somehow your link has vanished.
    Could you re-upload the link.
    I wil be ever so grateful.
    By the way: Keep up your good work !
    Happy strumming
    Ton from Holland

    1. Looks like the original article was removed, but I found a few even better. Just follow the links!

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