How (Not) to Name Your Ukulele Group

When naming your ukulele business, never trust a computer…

Have you seen those sites that promise to use their computer-driven artificial-intelligence to make your business a custom logo? Or even a new website?

I just came across one that offered to help come of with a great name for my business — which is this site for serving ukulele lovers like you.

They asked a few questions about who I work with, what I offer, etc.

And then I got back this list of suggestion business names:

mighty network names

I probably won't be changing the name of the site to “Ukulele Loving Oneself Amusers Who Are Public” anytime soon.

But, honestly, I'm starting to grow fond of “The Civic Ukulele Frolicers.”

Let me know what you think šŸ™‚ We're talking about it on Facebook, right here.


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