How to pronounce “ukulele” — and spell it correctly, too

There's only one right way to pronounce the world "ukulele." But I'm not quite sure what it is...

So I know a lot of people argue about the “proper” way to pronounce ukulele.

I wanted to solve this once and for all, so I went down to my local libary to look it up.

I was really hungry though, so first I stopped to get a big plate of bisghetti and some punkin pie with cimmanom for dessert. Since I had to get to the libary, I had them wrap up the leftovers to-go in some aluminuminum.

Well, I guess the smell of food attracted predators because I was suddenly being chased by a big woof, right down the street.

That woof took my bisghetti and punkin pie and I had to be rushed to the hobspital in an ambalance.

So, I never made it to the libary.

And I never learned how to pronounce ukulele.

But I did have time to make this little video all about how to SPELL ukulele.

Not quite the same, but similar, so I think the point is mute.

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