Practice time on ukulele can be hard to come by.

Mornings round the old Sullivan home are usually a busy bustle of bustling the boy busily out the door to school.

But this morning somehow, the snacks were made, the clothes were on, the homework packed, and–

There was nothing to do.

30 minutes. With nothing to do.

The boy crashed around for a while, then settled finally, of all places, on the piano bench.

The boy like his music lessons, likes piano, and doesn't even mind the scheduled practice times. But it's always very business-like. When he's done, he's done.

But this morning, with nothing to do, and no other choices, he sat himself down and played through his repertoire.

Then played through again.

Then, started making stuff up.


I could detect the sounds of scales and chord and lines from other songs, but this wasn't rote practice or mechanical “must-do” exercises.

He was figuring stuff out, listening to what he was creating, and just going off into that wonderful other-place of Being Creative.

Sometimes, yes, you have to sit and study and learn and practice.

Sometimes, though, it's mighty nice to remember–it's supposed to be fun.

Danno Sullivan
Danno Sullivan

Founder of ”Play It Daily” Ukulele, co-founder of the Ukulele Union of Boston, and spreader of good cheer.