There are plenty of hard things in life. Learning ukulele shouldn’t be one of them.

In life, what’s harder than simply telling the truth?

Par example…

Gymnasium literally translated from the Greek, means “school for naked exercise.”

(Bet you weren’t expecting this level of culture in a ukulele email, were you?)

Now I’m all for truth in advertising. And I believe in ancient times, Greeks did do their exercising in the “all together.” But I’m guessing that my local Planet Fitness is doing better business under their current name than they would as “School for Naked Exercise.”

Sort of like Greenland.

Greenland was named by convicted murderer, Erik the Red, who was exiled to that cold and gloomy place. To entice some pals to join him and keep him company, he gave it the inviting, PR-friendly name, “Greenland.”

“It so nice here, so welcoming. So very, very…GREEN.”

Now I’ve just set up a brand new course for learning ukulele. (Sign up here, if you have the fancy).

Lots of folks see the tiny ukulele and think it looks easy and fun.

But the uke has had some good PR. Like Greenland and gymnasiums.

  • No one calls it the “Almost Impossible to Keep in Tune Instrument.”
  • Nor the “If You Buy One You’ll Soon Own Six” instrument.
  • Nor yet, “The Veering Very Close to Overly-Trendy While Still Maintaining a Retro Charm” instrument.

We old-timers know all this.

But—let’s hide the negatives, shall we, while we rope in a new generation of uke players, soon to become uke lovers, who will overlook the Greenland-like problems and only enjoy the Erik the Red-like company.

In other words:

I know YOU are probably not a brand-newbie learning ukulele. (if you are, join the course here).

But you probably have some pals who have been on the fence about getting started.

So, will you please share?:
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This is a lightning fast course for learning ukulele. The goal is to make the uke FAST to learn, as well as fun. And, in keeping with the gymnasiums of old, it’s clothing optional.

your pal,

You can also view my looong (and helpful) overview of tips on knowledge and gear for learning ukulele here.

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