Do you love “The Wizard of Oz”?

For me, it’s right up there as one of my all time favorite movies.

I also happened to just read the book version with my little boy, and I noticed something that’s not so apparent in the movie.

  • The Scarecrow, who wants brains, is the one in the book who makes every important decision.
  • The Tin Woodman, who wants a heart, is singularly kind and thoughtful.

You see where we going…

  • And the Cowardly Lion, is always willing to face dark forests, fight wild animals, and anything else to protect Dorothy.

In other words, they’ve already got what they think they need.

So, then, what does the Wizard give them?

He gives them certainty.

Now, I’ll bet, as uke a player, you’ve already got brains, heart, and courage.

You’ve got books, dvds, YouTube videos, uke club meetings, and maybe even private lessons.

You don’t NEED any more tools!

What you need is system. A method. A yellow-brick road to get you where you want to be.

  • You need to know what you should learn and practice first. Then what’s next.
  • You need a plan to find time to play and improve.
  • You need motivation to keep at it, and a schedule to stick to.

And when you’ve got all those, my dear, you can click your heels three times to go home.

Because you had the power all along.

your pal,

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