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Simplify the Awful E Chord

In this quick lesson, I'll show you the standart method of making an E chord on uke, but I'll also show you several alternatives that will make making E not only easier, but faster, too!

How to Play B-minor chord on ukulele — free video

Master one of the uke's most hated chords.

3 Tips to Simplify Ukulele Barre Chords

Barre chords can literally change the way you play ukulele.

The Slider – Instantly Make Your Uke Playing Sound Amazing

A simple trick to make you sound shockingly professional.

Advanced Ukulele Strumming – Simplified

You already have the knowledge -- let's get it out of your head and into your hands.

Using Songbook ChordPro

Learn to use this essential software that helps layout and organize song sheets.

Ukulele Office Hours

Q&A and speedy-quick mini-lessons
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