I tell you, nothing gets my attention faster that a compliment!

(Oh, and by the way, YOU are doing a wonderful job with this email so far — look at you, with your reading skills and everything!)

One of my uke students respsonded to the last video I sent out, about the 12-bar blues, asking about where to fit in the LYRICS when working on a blues song.

She also paid me the lovely compliment:

“Sensei, Seonsaeng or Xiansheng is an honorific term shared in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese that is translated as “person born before another” or “one who comes before”

“You are my ukulele Sensei.”

With that heavy role thrust upon me, I felt I'd better have a good answer.

So I put together ANOTHER video to explain where and when (and why) you would typically fit the lyrics into a 12-bar blues.

You can see that video here (and the previous one about chord structure here.)

Remember, when you're a student of mine, you're never alone!

Ask and I shall answer.

That's the way we Senseis work.

To Amuse and Inform,
— Danno

PS: The full Blues-kulele course is here — nothing sounds better than blues on the uke!

Danno Sullivan
Danno Sullivan

Founder of ”Play It Daily” Ukulele, co-founder of the Ukulele Union of Boston, and spreader of good cheer.