A few steps you can follow for every uke song you learn, to make your ’em sound as great as possible

My simple method to make any ukulele song sound great.

Are you following along with the week of PERFECT-A-SONG?

This is the video version of STEP 2: Mr. Sullivan's Simple Song Analysis System — don't worry, the system is simpler than the title!


In the video, the song I'm using as an example is the good old classic, “Tonight You Belong To Me.” As a free bonus, I've got the download of the song sheet for you here — enjoy!

What about the Strums?

Don't worry! In the video I kind of leave you hanging on the strums — but that's part 3 of the system, so look for the email coming your way soon.

New here?

This video is just one part of the Perfect-a-Song system, and I've got a free week-long mini-course that walks you through the whole thing. You can sign up for free, right here!

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