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2020-07-19: BLUES-KULELE II is complete!


2020-07-10: Good news — most all the video lessons are now in place for Blues II. Two need to be finished up this weekend, and I’ll very like add a few extras based on feedback.

I’m excited to finish up the Blues III SONGS bonus over the next few days, too, so stay tuned!


The Blues-kulele II course is progressing a bit slower than I’d hoped, but that’s because I’m NOT sticking to “the book,” which was my original intention; I am rather adding a lot of extra material that I think makes things easier to understand and deeper, at the same time.

Most of the lessons are available now, with the final few coming in the next several days.

If you’ve already started at the beginning, please note that I’m adding some lessons in the middle, to check your status boxes and see if you’ve missed anything.

Today I put in a whole new module, meant to get you thinking creatively about the SOUND you’re creating, and not merely “following the instructions.” This is key to legit sounding blues.

  • Several videos in the section labeled DRIVE, here.
  • Taking advantage of The Magic Moment to add more, yes, drive, here.
  • You don’t need to solo to add excitement. Chords can do the job, too, here.

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