Go deeeeep with the

Go way beyond the basics, and vastly improve your uke strumming. Make your songs sound great. Have fun in the process!

Get ready to have your gob smacked!

Nothing makes your uke playing sound better than top-notch strumming. But memorizing patterns will only get you so far.

In this video course, we start where most lesson leave off -- on the other side of memorization.

You learned it backwards.

Most uke books focus on chords and gloss over the strums. And when they do talk about strums, it's in terms of patterns.

Lots of patterns.

Lots of patterns that you have to memorize. And then play back like a robot.

(Granted, a robot with great taste in instruments...)

The Universal Master Strum

... reverses all that.

We focus on strumming before chords, and we discover the underlying uber-strum from which all those dreaded patterns are created.

Once you understand this, you never have to memorize again.

Combine with Two Other Super-Powerful Tools

When you combine the Universal Strum with "Strum Like a Drummer" and my other sneaky trick, "Say It and Play It," you'll sense the BREAKTHROUGH -- and you'll never have to utter the uke player's most asked question: "What strum pattern should I use?"

PLUS a dozen more techniques and ideas you can apply so you can play the songs you love and never have to ask again: "What strum pattern should I use for this?" -- Because you'll KNOW!

From Don, an online-course-taker

What’s In The Course



The Universal Master Strum

  • The underlying concept of ALL other strums.
  • Learn this once and never have to memorize a strum pattern ever again!
  • Instantly create unique, original, and fun strums for the songs you love to play.


Strum Like a Drummer

  • On the uke, you're providing rhythm, too.
  • Teach your strum-hand to "think link a drummer" so you can add variety, sparkle, and interest to your playing.
  • A simple method that works with the Universal Strum to help you "play without thinking" and make real music easily


Say It and Play It

  • Make any song you play "sound like the song"
  • A simple, fun method to implement the Universal Strum
  • Always know exactly when to hit the strings to create new and perfect patters for any song.


The Uke Strummer's Secret Weapon

  • You've got two hands, right? Why strum with only one? When you get the other hand involved for the magical method of muting, suddenly your number of possible movements SKYROCKETS -- which means a ton of room for variety in your playing, more sublety,  your songs start sounding like the songs.


Songs, songs, and more songs

  • Your ol' pal Danno will never leave you hanging. What's the point of learning a bunch of techniques if you don't use them to play real music!
  • In the Bonus Song Section, we dissect a dozen songs from a dozen eras and genres and focus in the strumming that makes them distinctive.
  • Apply to your songs of choice later and watch your repertoire expand like a pre-explosion Hindenburg.



  • Out on the outskirts of "strumming" are some nifty moves you can use to make your playing sound smoother and your songs sound better.
    • Beach Boys Boogie
    • The "Magic" Beat
    • Singing and Strumming (at the same time)
    • 1930s Formby-Style Split-Stroke
    • Americana Clawhammer 
    • And more



I've poured my heart and soul and skill and knowledge into this video course to make it as helpful as possible while keeping is succinct and fun.

If you struggle with your strumming -- or if you're doing ok but you're ready to "super size," I hope you'll join us.

(And all this for less than the cost of one real-life lesson with me!)

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“I really enjoyed this strumming seminar. I don’t think I will ever lose sight of the importance of the “MASTER STRUM” because of the different techniques Dano used to drive the idea home. I got it. And I’ve never seen any other class/video book that focused on this important concept. I’m so grateful to have participated as I am now a true believer that the strum is the key!”

-- Michael K. - course-taker

“President of our local ukulele club recommended your site”

Danno, I started working through the first module last night, and have really enjoyed it. The President of our local ukulele club recommended your site in an email message. Thank-you for a superb online class series.  

Reece - course taker
“The missing link!”

HI Danno thanks so much for the strumming videos -- they are the missing link!

brian b. - course taker
“no unnecessary fluff”

The lessons are short, to the point, well explained, which I appreciate - no unnecessary fluff around the edges if you get what I mean. Danno is serious (& generous) about getting his info across but he does it in a way which makes it fun and with no pressure.

Penny in perth - course taker

Frequently asked questions

Is this too EASY (or too HARD) for me?

If you are completely satisfied with your level of strumming already, then you don't need a course -- of course! This is suitable for any uke player with a few basic chords, and who is eager to get that "strum hand" technique absolutely solid.

How long will the course take?

One of the great thing about an online course is that you can move at your own pace. You can get through all the videos in a couple of hours, but, of course, you'll want additional time to absorb, mull, practice, and review.

Why a course on STRUMMING? Isn't that oddly specific?

Yes, it is. -- Good strumming is what makes your uke playing sound great, and helps to make your songs "sound like the songs."

Most methods don't teach much strumming at all (they tend to focus on chords), and those that do put the emphasis on PATTERNS. We do discuss patterns because they're a good building block, but we go way, way beyond, so you can play any song, any style, and genre, any era -- without having to ask "What strum pattern should I use?" (Because you'll KNOW!)

What's all this about special pricing?

Yep, if you order today, you're getting special discounted pricing. You'll be able to find this order page on the site, but at full price.

WHY? Since you've already signed up for the starter course, I know you're interested. I want you to strike while the iron is hot and get the most value and knowledge that you can!