Ukulele Workshops

Hi, friends,

If you're looking for world-class uke-based entertainment or a fun and funny workshop leader with ace music skills, please read on for a quick overview of my offerings.

If you don't see what you need, let me know! My skills are vast, my presentation, flexible. I'd love to put something together especially for you 🙂

Danno Sullivan holds a ukulele in a funny way, that waggish joker!
Danno Sullivan playing a ukulele. Sort of.

Danno’s Ukulele Workshops:

The Universal Master Strum

Never look up a strum pattern again! Apply the simple concept of the Universal Strum and you'll always know, instantly, how to play any strum pattern for any song.

Defeat the E

Finally, wrestle the uke's most-hated chord into submission. Learn the “by the book” way to play E — and why that's not ideal. More importantly, you'll learn better forms that make the awful chord easier and faster to get to, so you need fear it no more. Bonus — works with D and E-flat, too!

Movable Chords, Your Lovable Friends

You'll get a lot more music out of your uke when you start playing movable chords up and down the neck. Once you get the easy-to-understand principals, you can also use movable chords as the basis for complex chord melody style playing.

One-String Riffs to Make Your Songs Sound Like, You Know — the Songs

We uke players mostly STRUM most of the time. But we can add exciting new sounds and make the songs much more recognizable by adding in easy-to-play riffs. We'll focus on riffs that happen on one string so you can maintain the drive of the strum while adding in the melody of the riff.

Essential Muting: One Trick to Instantly Create 40,320 New Strums

There's almost no other single skill that will add as much excitement and variety to your playing as muting. Simple to learn, a lifetime to master, and we'll cover a big handful of the 40320 variations which you can apply to instantly upgrade your sound.

Danno Sullivan, Your Host and MC

Your event comes alive with a trained professional running the show. Whether you just need fun and funny introductions or help assembling an entire knock-out evening, Danno's years of on-stage experience and comedy entertainment let you rest easy, knowing your audience is good hands.

How to contact:

Please email here, or phone: 978.984.3404